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1.Objectives – Policy statement


MEEE AUSTRALIA  quality policy encompasses the development, monitoring and review of processes and procedures which support best practice in complying with quality standards within the national regulatory framework. MEEE AUSTRALIA quality processes and procedures focus on the delivery of products and services that meet the requirements of students, employers, industry and stakeholders and are implemented within a state–wide collaborative framework which includes Institutes and central support units.


Individual institutes, as registered training organisations (RTOs), comply with the VET Quality Framework (VQF) NVETR ACT and deliver nationally recognised training package qualifications.  In doing this, Institutes undertake to provide:

quality training and assessment across all of their operations

management systems which are responsive to the needs of clients, staff and stakeholders and the environment in which they operate

continuous improvement of training and assessment, client services and management systems, the assessment of which is based on outcomes, access and equity and maximises outcomes for clients.

Innovative, flexible services which are introduced in a systematic and sustainable way



MEEE AUSTRALIA has delegated authority to vary scope of registration, and accredit courses, subject to Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) review. As a delegated authority MEEE AUSTRALIA complies with the current and relevant sections of the Standards for NVR Registered Registered Training Organisation 2015,,  NVETR Act delegation agreement and Standards for VET Accredited Courses.


MEEE AUSTRALIA meet VQF and other regulatory requirements by:

maintaining quality management systems in line with VQF requirements

review and improve quality processes in relation to VQF standards

maintaining quality assurance systems for accreditation and scope of registration, student enrolment and the issuing of MEEE AUSTRALIA qualifications.


MEEE AUSTRALIA commitment to continuous improvement and recognition of quality achievement is demonstrated through internal and external audits; engagement in internal review and maintenance of processes and procedures, and support for awards which recognise excellence.



Legislative requirements met by the policy


The VET Quality Framework (VQF) is the quality framework under which MEEE AUSTRALIA operates as an RTO with the additional delegations to vary scope of registration and accredit courses.


4.Responsibilities and delegations


Meee Australia must implement, monitor and review the quality processes for which they have responsibility.


Individual responsibilities in relation to quality compliance and assurance are contained in the statements of duties of relevant staff.

4.3          Annual review of the delegations to accredit courses and vary scope of registration.


The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) as the national registering and course accrediting body, monitors and reviews MEEE AUSTRALIA  RTO registration and MEEE AUSTRALIA  delegations to accredit courses and vary scope of registration.


Quality manager develop and maintain policies, procedures and manuals which support the VQF.

4.6         Quality manager producing VQF compliant product.


5.Monitoring, evaluation and reporting requirements


This policy is monitored and reviewed annually by the policy owner and key stakeholders.


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